Britain’s Got Reggae

Britain’s Got Reggae (“BGR”) is a competition that promotes the wealth of reggae talent the UK has to offer. We have some fantastic unearthed grass-roots talent in the UK that is unrecognized because of the lack of knowledge or opportunities that are available.

We were given the opportunity to hold an event the multiple award-winning live music venue, the Hootananny in Brixton.   We came up with the name  Britain’s Got Reggae. and was inundated with emails from artists that wanted to be featured on the show.   We were inundated with emails from artists wanting to be featured on the event.  We chose five artists geographically and delivered the event.

Cecil Reuben the manager of the night, was very impressed with our professional delivery and the diverse selection of artists that were presented. Cecil then offered BGR seven more dates throughout 2015 where we then came up with the concept of the competition and the rest is history.

We would like to see reggae return to the forefront of pop culture, on mainstream TV and radio. This well-needed platform is for both new and experienced artists that are making music but feel they are not reaching a wider audience.

Reggae music was thriving in the 70s, 80s & 90s, however, the emergence of the internet came along and had a massive impact on the industry, which may not have been anticipated. Another determining factor of the UK reggae decline was the lack of acquired knowledge of the music business, therefore leaving the emerging younger generations with an uphill task of re-positioning reggae music, back to the forefront of pop culture and mainstream TV and radio.

We are hoping platforms such as BGR will highlight the talent we have and recognise the importance that younger generations, particularly of Caribbean heritage, have the opportunity to see reggae music on mainstream television.  With the view to aspire to continue the reggae music culture legacy.


A new initiative to encourage young people to embrace the reggae music culture.  We feel that the younger generation are not being exposed to reggae as other genres of music featured on mainstream TV and Radio.  We feel there is a need to make reggae cool to our young people of the UK.

  • Vocal & Performance coaching
  • Summer Workshops
  • Literacy in Reggae
  • Performance opportunities
  • Provided with a mentor
  • Promotions  & running events


Offering a bespoke service to events, carnivals & festivals in the UK & abroad where we will provide you with a fantastic showcase featuring  a selection of artists (numbers up to you) that will add to your event.

So if you are planning to put an event together and don’t want the pressure of selecting artists to perform we are here to take care of this for you with new and exciting  seasoned and emerging talent guaranteed to please the crowd.

For bookings and collaborations contact bgreggaemanagement@gmail.com